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      Peaceful Hope and Palliative Care CNAs can assist patients with bathing, getting dressed, preparing meals, eating, and hygiene needs while also providing companionship. We proudly serve in Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas.

      In addition to these tasks, CNAs are able to help the Peaceful Hope and Palliative Care patient to:

      • Move into and out of wheelchairs, into and out of bed, change their position in bed.
      • Turning or moving patients.
      • Gathering medical supplies.
      • Bathing patients.
      • Grooming patients by brushing their hair, teeth, shaving them, etc.
      • Feeding patients and documenting their food and liquid intake.
      • Checking vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate.
      CNAs in Dallas, Texas

      They are able to check vital signs and can discuss health concerns with the patients under their care. Peaceful Hope and Palliative Care CNAs can keep a record of their patient’s symptoms and changes in health and report these observations to the nurse who is supervising them.

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